About BC Woods

BC Woods, a pseudonym for Andrew Peterson, was born April 1st, 1985 in Aberdeen WA, the second of five children. He has been writing stories since the age of seven, and harboring mortal hatred of his older sister since infancy. Occasionally he likes to relate the one time he beat the shit out of her when he was nine, and how this was the most positive and life-affirming moment of his entire life. When in the passionate throes of this retelling he is unable to sense the horror and discomfort of his audience.

He does not mean for this biography to be solely about his hatred of his sister, but seriously: what an evil bitch.

He graduated from high school in 2004, winning the top scholarships from the math and science departments. He finds this odd considering he was sent to the remedial classroom for the first three days of first grade, when his instructor accidentally came to the conclusion he was mentally deficient when observing his inherent eccentricity. While this might have caused other children to become distraught, Andrew merely spent the time playing marbles with the glass eye of another child in the classroom (with the other child’s gracious consent of course) until the error was rectified.

He attended the University of Washington for 3 years with further funds from a NASA Space Grant. While up one morning at 3am, after trying unsuccessfully to reduce an algebraic matrix to row echelon form so he could find its gamma function and then determine its eigen values for several hours, he screamed in fury suddenly realizing that the original matrix was symmetric and that no reduction had actually been necessary in the first place. He then decided that since he likes writing better than math or science it was time to take a break from college in order to pursue his true passion full time.

Since making this decision Andrew has given himself a Bachelor’s Degree in the Fictional Sciences, and a Ph. D. in Astro-Urology for his discovery of the life-extending properties of Sandworm melange.

He is available for interview, or any other thing you could possibly want at brandoncwoods@gmail.com