A guide to occupational health checks

The staff or employee of an organization is its most important asset. And the goal of every organization is to keep its workforce in top notch condition. In order to make their staff always sharp and ready, there is a need for routine occupational checks or screening. When staffs are physically healthy, their organization also benefits, in that their workers will be more productive and efficient in carrying out their daily activities. Even more, very few staffs will be absent because they are ill.

Occupational health screening is important for three basic reasons;

  • To determine how healthy staff or employees are.
  • To determine if the fitness level of staffs will enable them in carrying out their duties comfortably.
  • To access if there are any health risks posed by the work environment, that if left unchecked can be detrimental to the lives of employees or staffs.

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Occupational health checks are carried out by certified and experienced medical doctors. The goals of these doctors are not to diagnose and treat a patient, but rather to provide a medical option, on the basis that suggestions can be made on how to address a serious health condition. The sensitivity of the screening test by these doctors is very high so that their results could be more accurate. For more information, visit Acumed Medical blog.

When an occupational screening test is appropriate

At different stages of an employee’s employment, he is likely to be subjected to a couple of screening test. Most of the time, it is first done before a full-time employment is given to a staff. Later on, it will be taken periodically at intervals, throughout the time that a staff is employed.

Occupational health screening is also appropriate especially when a staff is back from a leave or has been absent because of some medical issues. The goal of the screening test is to determine if the staff is physically and mentally ready to take on his workload.

The role of pre-employment checks is a very important one. You see, when a person is about to be employed, it is important to perform a physical and mental condition so as to determine if he has a condition that will make him susceptible and not able to cope with the risk that he is likely going to be exposed to. Doing this will prevent the individual’s health conditions from deteriorating.

The type of industry a staff is employed to determine to a large extent the kind and the frequency of these screening. In some line of work, it is very frequent (those that expose staffs to a noisy and un-conducive environment) in other it is not frequent (office job).

Employers whose staffs are frequently exposed to noise and sometimes dangerous environment are faced with the challenge of making the health screening process a lot smoother, however, there are certain products that are now available that can make the occupational health screening go a whole lot smoother. For example, there is now a device that can determine if a staff is losing his hearing ability.

As mentioned earlier, it is very important for a staff who is returning back to work to due to health-related issue to undergo a screening so as to ascertain if he will be able to cope with the present work environment.

In some cases, staffs that are leaving a company or switching jobs may also be subjected to occupational checks to determine if they have some kind of infection and if they have, to prevent it from spreading to other staff.

The occupational health screening process creates a very important window for early detection as well as prevention of serious health condition that could affect the staffs negatively.